Biography, way of life

Raymond Martinez


I felt the passion for photography at a very young age when I discovered the exhibitions of the Rencontres d’Arles. After starting my career in the nuclear industry, I chose in 1984 to become a photographer. I was then assistant of Lucien Clergue who guided me in my desire to express myself through images.

The profession of photographer allowed me to realize many reportages but also to produce shots in advertising and fashion.

Over time, my eyes became more personal and artistic. These creations were presented during exhibitions. I continue today to present my creative images. In addition, I like to share my know-how by animating photography courses. During these courses, I have implemented the concept of phototourism which allows you to learn photography by discovering a region with a unique heritage and landscapes.

I am also correspondent for the daily newspaper La Provence.

In 2020, the crisis linked to Covid19 strongly impacted my professional activity. To bounce back, I bought a drone and took professional drone pilot training. I now take photos and videos of the earth from the sky.

biography of a photographer

1960 Born in Algeria

1963 Arrive in Arles – France

1975 Discovery of photography at the Rencontres d’Arles

1980  Begin his career in the nuclear industry

1984  begin my life of photographer

1986 Les Krishnas (Agence Sygma – Paris)

1987 Les Gitans (Gypsies)  (Agence Gamma- Paris)

1990 La Comédie Urbaine

1993 Beginning of « Traces de Vie »

1997 « Sur la Peau de l’Eau »

1999 « Vestiges de l’Homo Sapiens»

2005 Fluides

2005 Multiples

2008-2013 Le Souffle du Temps

2014 Les Chevalets de Saint Paul

2020 Videos and photographs with drone