Here is a series of videos created in recent years with only shots that I have assembled. This becomes “Time Lapses” or interval timer shooting, with 1 minute between shots.


As if time passed faster, the illusion of an accelerated world.

sky 1

The clouds cross each other in the background of stars carried away by the apparent movement of the celestial vault. Nantilly 2005 - Canon Eos 300D  

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sky 2

Star whirling at plateau d'Albion (south of Alps - France)   Beautiful sky with the Milky Way, before the end, appears Jupiter. Simiane la Rotonde July 16, 2009  

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sky 3

Multiple shots on the celestial vault I made 135 shots of 30 seconds each.The first image was made at 18 h 41, the last at 20 h 31 at 1 image per minute. Fontvieille, November 5, 2005

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sky 4

Assembly of the images taken in the previous animation   During the sequence, the earth rotated about 30 degrees on its axis and these images show the apparent displacement of the stars around the celestial pole. The star that is very close to the axis is of...

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When the snow melts , where does the white go ? Question of physics, philosophy, metaphysics? To meditate in the coldness of winter

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