Recent works

This page collects various research works in photographic creation.


Picture Raymond MartinezWhen you pretend to know someone…

Are you really sure to know this person from all the angles ?


See here


These are sequential shots with a computer that triggers a camera at regular intervals.
They make it possible to speed up time with what is called a time lapse.
Ciel Nantilly

Green light

A variation of “Multiple”, but this one is animated.


Discover the panoramics 360° 

Use the mouse to move around the panoramic images.


The discovery of the bust of Caesar (also called the “Arles Bust”) in the Rhône in Arles – France – made me want to imagine what his face looked like when he was alive.

The riddle of the painting

Research carried out in 2012 over the painting Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh

Drone Videos

Discover videos made from the sky on my video channel